How to Stop Snoring

How to Stop Snoring – Tips to stop snoring at night

How to Stop Snoring Almost everyone snores at one point of their life. Snoring occurs when air can’t move freely between the nose and mouth as a person sleeps. It is caused by narrowing of the airway that is as a result of abnormalities with the throats soft tissues or lack of sleep. Frequent snoring however can be quite daunting as it can affect the quality and quantity of sleep. This can lead to fatigue, poor sleep, irritability, relationship and other health issues. There are a number of reasons that cause snoring and it is important to get to identify yours in order to find the best solutions such as:

Sleep on your side- This is one of the best bedtime remedies to stop snoring. Sleeping on your back should be avoided as it allows gravity to drop your tongue and soft tissues and blocks the airway causing snoring.

Clear nasal passages-having a stuffy nose usually makes it difficult to inhale. This in turn forms a vacuum on the throat which can cause snoring. You can try nasal strips, decongestants, neti pot or natural ways to clear up the nose so that you can breathe more easily when you are asleep.

Lose weight- Overweight individuals have higher chances of snoring. Changing your lifestyle and losing even a little weight can help reduce the fatty tissues found at the back of the throat which helps to stop snoring. Exercise also helps individuals to stop snoring. This is because working out to tone legs, arms and abs for instance also helps to tone the throat muscles. This leads to decreased snoring.

Stick to regular Sleep Patterns- adhering to a regular routine when it comes to sleeping can also help to stop snoring as it helps you to sleep better. If it is possible, keep the air in the bedroom moist. This can be done simply with the use of a humidifier. Dry air can cause irritation to the membranes found in the nose and throat.

Avoid alcohol and sleeping pill- alcohol, sleeping pills and other sedatives should be avoided or totally eliminated from your diet especially right before you go to bed. This is because they normally interfere with breathing and relax throat muscles. Incase you are on any prescription medicine, consult with your doctor to see if you can get any alternatives as there are some that enhance deeper levels of sleep and worse snoring.

Avoid heavy meals and caffeine- try and eat light before going to sleep. It is also advisable to avoid caffeinated &fizzy drinks, soy milk and dairy products before you retire to bed. It is recommended that you eat at least two hours before going to bed.

Stop smoking- quitting smoking might help you a great deal when looking for an effective solution on how to stop snoring. Not only is smoking harmful to your health, it also, blocks the airways through irritation of the membranes in the throat and nose. This increases chances of snoring.

Treat your allergy- allergies are also a major cause of snoring. Treating the allergies can help you stop snoring. This can be simple as avoiding the foods and other things that trigger the allergies.

Elevate your head- repositioning might help you achieve great results when it comes to finding ways on how to stop snoring. Elevating the head at least 4 inches encourages the jaw and tongue to move forward. This also helps to make breathing easier. You can shop for pillows that are designed to help people stop snoring. These usually help to keep the neck muscles in a good position so that they are not crimped.

If your efforts to stop snoring are not working, it is important that you talk to your physician or consult with an otolaryngologist (ENT specialist). This is because snoring could be a sign of a more serious medical condition. You may be referred to a sleep clinic for an overnight stay or sleep therapist who will come to your home to watch your sleeping habits to rule out any serious problems. If there is no problem, you can go ahead and discuss alternative treatment options to find the best on how to stop snoring. This will allow you to enjoy sleep and not have problems with people around you.