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CPAP Masks – How to Choose the Right  one

Choosing the right CPAP mask is imperative for the successful treatment of sleep apnea.There are various types of CPAP masks available in the market. These CPAP masks are made for patients with different needs and different problems. For example there are certain masks suitable for people who are unable to breathe through their nose or for side sleepers. The effectiveness of CPAP therapy depends a lot on the quality of mask seal. If one mask does not suit you, you should try different type of mask suitable for your needs. Some common types of CPAP masks found today are listed below.

Nasal CPAP masks

The best thing about Nasal CPAP masks is they do not cover your whole face. This mask seal around nose and is positioned in right place using headgear support. The two most popular types of nasal CPAP masks are silicon and gel.
Gel masks are soft, flexible and have good fitting as the gel enables the mask to style itself as per your face, providing the best possible fitting. They can be little uncomfortable to use since they are required to be tighten every night.
Silicon masks are light weight and soft. If you can achieve a good fit, then they are very comfortable and they do not require to be tightened every night. Since the results of the treatment depend wholly on the quality of nasal mask seal, gel masks are more preferred over silicon masks.

Oral CPAP mask

Oral masks supply pressurized air flow exclusively through mouth. It is used when patient is unable to breathe from his nose because of deviated nasal septum, nasal congestion or facial injury. To avoid the air flow through nose, nasal passages are sealed using nose plugs to ensure maximum effectiveness. This type of mask should not be used by patients who are able to breathe freely through their nose, people who grind their teeth and some people who have had surgery for sleep apnea.

Full Face CPAP Mask

It’s a triangular mask that seals around your nose and mouth supported by headgear. These masks are usually recommended to people who are mouth breathers or cannot breathe completely through nose because of nasal congestion or nasal septum deviation. You should consider this mask if you are side and stomach sleeper. CPAP chin strap can be used as an effective solution to avoid unnecessary opening of mouth during sleep. Full face CPAP mask is recommended if chin strap is not effective to keep the mouth closed. Most of the Nasal masks will lose their effectiveness if the patient opens his mouth. Full face mask eliminates the possibility of mouth opening thus maintaining the right air pressure.

Hybrid CPAP masks

A hybrid CPAP mask is mix of both full face and oral mask, giving the benefits of both. However ,the hybrid mask is lighter in weight than full face mask. The hybrid design of this mask removes the pressure point from patient’s forehead and across nose area, providing a comfortable non leaky fit. It is a suitable solution for a person who breathes through both mouth and nose.
There are many manufacturers producing various kinds of CPAP machine and CPAP masks. You can use the mask manufactured by one company and machine manufactured by different company. Any mask should fit the standard air hose but some masks can be used with specific headgear. So while making a purchase make sure your CPAP mask and CPAP machine are both compatible

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