SnoreRx Reviews

Snorerx snoring mouthpiece

SnoreRX mouthpiece is an Oral Appliance that helps those with Obstructive Sleep Apnea. Snorerx also helps stop people from snoring. There are many different types of brands of snorerx. Having many brands available can make it hard to know what will be the right brand right for you.

How Does Snorerx Work?

The way that snorerx works is that it uses a special mandibular repositioning technique. This means that it can hold your tongue and keep the bottom jaw a little more forward than what it normally is. This will allow the air to pass through your throat without being stopped by any snoring vibrations that you may have.

Why Should You Choose Snorerx?

Snorerx is good to choose because its mouthpiece can be made to fit your own mouth. This way you will have the right fit for you. If changes need to be made, the good news is, that changes can be made. The other reason why snorerx is good to choose is because it does not need any other hardware for it to work.

Features and Advantages of Snorerx

FDA Cleared – Snorerx Meets The Standards Of Medicare All of the materials included with snorerx are designed in the USA. It is very safe to use. Snorerx also meets the standards of Medicare and other health care providers.

No Other Hardware Is Required. Snorerx does not have any other hardware in it that may cause damage to your face, jaw or teeth. There is also no other hardware required to make it work.

Micro-Fit Adjustability. There are particular set measurements just for you. This will give you complete effectiveness and comfort.

Thermal-Fit. Snorerx can be designed to accurately fit your mouth and your mouth only.

V-flow and V-alignment. Snorerx provides more than enough room for complete airflow to your mouth and aligns completely in the middle.

Bruxism Protection.You can be rest assured that your teeth will not grind while you are sleeping.

Posi-Lock. Snorerx gives the option of locking and unlocking your setting at any time you like. This will help give you a more comfortable fit.

Calibrator. – If you need to adjust your snorerx at any time, it records a clear reading of how many times your jaw advances. This way you have a point of reference.

Minimum Side-Effects  – As with any new device, you will feel a little sore at times over the first few nights. However, snorerx does not have as much discomfort or other side effects as other devices do.

In conclusion, we highly recommend snorerx if you are experiencing Obstructive Sleep Apnea or want to stop your snoring. Snorerx is a little more expensive when compared with other devices. However, it is well worth the spend. If you need it to be adjusted, there is a set adjustment time available. However, because it is very comfortable, you will soon get used to it very quickly. Using snorerx will save you from using other machines or from having surgery.

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