SoClean 2 – CPAP Cleaner and Sanitizer

Soclean 2 – Automated CPAP cleaner and sanitizer Machine

SoClean CPAP Cleaner and sanitizer is the world’s first and modern automated CPAP cleaning machine that  kill 99.9 percent of bacteria and germs in your CPAP mask, reservoir and hose with no disassembly, no chemicals and no water.

Description of  Soclean 2 – cpap cleaner and sanitizer

This SoClean 2 product is easy to use since it needs a one-time setup. In addition, SoClean CPAP unit can connect with all kinds of PAP equipment that include CPAP, VPAP, Bi-PAP, and BPAP. You can always use it depending on the PAP type of CPAP machine.

When using it, all you have to do is to close its lid and go. You can always start this SoClean sanitizer automatically after placing your CPAP mask within the chamber and shutting the lid. SoClean 2 product can kill CPAP germs in a matter of minutes. Since it has activated Oxygen cleaning that power it through your CPAP hose, reservoir, and mask, you will have an easy time cleaning it.

How does Soclean 2 – CPAP cleaner and sanitizer work?

This SoClean cleaning unit often work in a unique way when cleaning with it. When you use it, you will always get the best result thus making it a top product. This SoClean CPAP cleaner & sanitizing machine often use activated oxygen when cleaning to eliminate any bacteria, mold, and viruses, which may be in your house CPAP machine. After starting it, you will clean all bacteria, mold, and viruses within the shortest time whenever you are using it. You only need to use it once when cleaning since it works with a 99 percent accuracy. Try soclean risk free 30 days trial.

Features and benefits of this Soclean 2 – CPAP cleaner and sanitizer

Here are some of the features and benefits of this SoClean cleaning product:

1. It Saves Time

CPAP cleaning should not take you away your day. It has automated and precise CPAP cleaning cycle that does work for you.

2. It Destroys All CPAP Germs

It can eliminate 99.9 percent of CPAP germs, viruses, bacteria, and mold safely. It does it naturally with no chemicals or water needed. You will be amazed at the results when you do use it.

3. No Disassembly Needed

When using it, you can sanitize the entire CPAP equipment without having to remove CPAP mask, reservoir or even hose. This should give you the best results if you are cleaning your home.


If you want to clean your house in the best way possible, you can always use SoClean CPAP cleaner and sanitizer since it has numerous benefits. You will definitely love your house after cleaning it using this SoClean cleaning unit.


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